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Pak Mei Master Leung Yuk Seng

Sifu Leung Yuk Seng (Liang Yu Cheng in Mandarin) came to Sydney in 1988 at 36 years of age from Guangzhou, Canton, China, trained in both Pak Mei and traditional Chinese medicine. He came from a family of martial artists, and lived through the times of great change in mainland China when martial arts was still considered one of the forbidden "old ways" through to its acceptance.

Relegated to underground training halls and secret locations, Sifu trained hard and with his tremendous natural ability in martial arts was able to achieve a very high level of skill over the years and was highly praised by his teacher and recognised as his heir. He came to Australia after the death of Si Gung Leung Sui Hoy, and has been teaching since his arrival.

We are privileged indeed to be able to study with one of the youngest, most vital Pak Mei Sifu's alive today in the traditional manner, handed down from Great Grand Master.

If you read Chinese, here is a message from Sifu Leung







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