Pak Mei Mass Lion Dance Invitation!
Subject: Pak Mei Mass Lion Dance Invitation!
Send date: 2009-08-31 16:48:46
Issue #: 8

Hi Guys,

The club has been invited to participate in a mass lion dancing performance THIS SUNDAY at Government House.  Catherine thinks there may be as many as 60 lions there.  These things can be a lot of fun, and the opportunity comes rarely.

This is what we need:

We need 3 people per lion, and we have 4 lions, so that means we need 12-15 dancers.  We need dancers, but it won't be challenging dancing, and beginners can help with the tail if need be.

So, please let me know if you will be available for lion dancing this Sunday.  The event goes from 11am to 1pm, so we'll meet a little before that somewhere in the city.  

I know this is short notice, but its a great opportunity to do something really off-the-wall and memorable.  Please let me know quickly if you are available to participate, and we'll confirm with you in the next day or two.




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