Sifu's Birthday!
Subject: Sifu's Birthday!
Send date: 2011-01-29 18:05:25
Issue #: 28

Hi Guys,

Sifu's Birthday will be at Golden Century this year, 6:30 start for 7, on the 12th of February.  That's the Saturday before Jensen's party on the 19th.

As you know, this is everybody's chance to thank Sifu for his generosity teaching us each year, and to celebrate our club, brothers, and sisters.

We go for a $60 per head banquet, and then we collect additionally for red envelopes at the end of the evening for Sifu.   How much you can contribute depends on your circumstances, but I encourage you to dig deep.


Please RSVP to me on m@aaron.net.au to confirm numbers.




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