Pak Mei Karaoke Night
Subject: Pak Mei Karaoke Night
Send date: 2009-07-02 13:43:21
Issue #: 2

Hi [NAME],

Welcome to our first real email from the new Sydney Guangzhou Pak Mei club website.

Boys Night Out at Karaoke!

We're organising a night out at Karaoke, in July. Cal is the coordinator, anybody interested should reply to Cal (calford.wong@citi.com) or to me on this email, and we'll set a date.  We can sort it out this Saturday at training to finalise.



This is also the first real test of the new website's emailing function, so please confirm that you got this email, even if you can't make it. Some of you lazy bastards have forced me to subscribe you myself, I just want to know it worked. You are however still not registered with the website, just subscribed.

Reminder:  Our new website has some extra functionality for club member participation and communication.

1. RSS feeds and this Newsletter
Just select the "RSS" link in the footer of several pages, if you do RSS:
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There is also this newsletter subscription option.  I am swapping the mailing list over to the newsletter now. Everybody who registers for the site is automatically subscribed.  Or, you can just subscribe to the Club News itself.


New Member Tools
Once registered, all club members get assigned privileges to publish.
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Cheers Matthew



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