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Welcome to the website for the Sydney Guangzhou Pak Mei Pai.

This website is owned and operated by the students of Pak Mei Master Leung Yuk Seng.

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Videos from sites like Youtube, etc that contain Pak Mei kung fu.
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1   Link   Our Club YouTube Channel
This is where we are posting our club videos as we produce them. Also contains links to other interesting videos and favorites.
2   Link   Ging is ging
This old master has skills
3   Link   Giant Futsan Pak Mei Sifu
Take a look at this guy, he's massive! Futsan style Pak Mei is a bit different, but he looks pretty good.
4   Link   Sek See
Bad Ma Bo!
5   Link   Sifu Chow Fook - Sub Baat Mor Que
One of the old masters doing a master form. Notice how much more simple his execution is than some of the modern versions.

Old video, not the best quality.
6   Link   Master Chow Fook - Sub Baat Mor Que 2 - slow motion
A higher quality version of Master Chow Fook doing the fabled form.
7   Link   Explosive Ging
Video of an exceptional example of internal skills in Pak Mei by Andrew Chung. I would like to know more about the background if anybody knows him, please let me know - Admin.
8   Link   Lung Ying's Gua Bo Tui
At the 4 minute mark they do Gau Bo Tui - same structure as ours - executed differently though
9   Link   ???????????
pretty good skills
10   Link   Sifu Gong Faat Ming, disciple of Siu Ting Fun
pretty good skills

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