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Thursday, 30 April 2009 23:57

Are you interested in Pak Mei Kung Fu?

We expect and welcome prospective students at training, and encourage them to ask as many questions as they have while they watch us train.  We believe it is important for anybody considering training with us to see what an afternoon in the park is like and get a feel for the art and club atmosphere.  You can learn more about a style and club in 5 minutes talking and watching than you can in several phone calls.  Lurk on the grass or come up and introduce yourself.

About the style

Pak Mei can be broadly classified short armed Southern Chinese style with strong mobile stances. It is a rare "internal and external" style that offers students a lifetime of pursuit, promoting overall fitness and longevity.

The study of our style is suitable for large and small body types. Much of our techniques are not based upon brute strength, but precision execution and attacks to sensitive pressure points. One learns to use the 6 external powers in combination with the 4 internal powers and the proper mental perspective to issue strength in many ways.


How We Teach

All training is done on a one-to-one basis within our group. Students are given a kernel of technique, and then have the responsibility of learning it before they receive the next kernel. Individual responsibility is an important characteristic of a Pak Mei student. "Brothers" of roughly equal training work together.

Each student is trained at their own pace. A medium level of fitness is required, however more athletic individuals will be able to learn more quickly. There is no grading system, just an informal "family" of older and younger brothers and sisters.

Our patterns (or exercises consisting of numerous moves linked together in a form of extended practice combat) focus on hand technique attacking vulnerable targets, movement, body positioning and foremost, power generation. We use grasping, tangling and pulling as well as crashing blows, barging, whip-like strikes and focused attacks, often in combination. It is common to use both hands at once. Kicking is kept to below the waist for the most part. Learning our style has been likened to learning little pearls, then learning to string them together, then learning to change the string.

More advanced students practice "crossing hands" together, but this is high level training as opposed to free sparring, and based upon individual training objectives, done both with and without gloves or protective gear.

Traditional weapons also have a place in our school. We use the staff (Kwan), single and double swords (Do) and halberd (Kwan Do). The staff is the first weapon a student must learn.

We teach 10 empty hand patterns and 5 weapons patterns plus several training exercises.

A study of Pak Mei brings a student into one of the most traditional and respected martial arts styles in the world today.

NOTE: the study of any martial art is a risky pastime and involves strenuous exercise. Any individual undertaking such a study should be aware of the risks and assume responsibility and liability for any injury that may occur.




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