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Written by Cal Wong   
Sunday, 06 February 2011 10:44

In recent years there has been a trend of internet sifus creating historic stories of grandeur in a bid to improve the standing of their style in ‘Gong Wu’ (Kung Fu Society). Unwittingly, they have done more damage to their respective styles than anything else. Unfortunately, it has often been Gwei Lo’s who have been doing this.

It is unfortunate because this is one of those very things that the old masters feared when they refused to teach the round eyes. It is somewhat deluded to believe making up stories will convince Gong Wu. Why? Well Gong Wu is a close knit society, with myriads of connections and a multitude of intersecting histories. These connections and histories do not only relate to the whole history of the style, but also that of the story teller. By this I mean, the person/s making up these stories have their own connections with Gong Wu, and sooner rather than later, the truth uncovers itself.

 All kung fu styles have their past shrouded in mystery, it is one of those things that attracts us to the arts. From a Chinese person’s perspective, making up stories that aim to convince Gong Wu of alternate histories is not only disrespectful to the style but also counter-productive. As part of Buddhist teachings which run through all kung fu styles in one form or another, a core theme is the Reality of Truth, or non-delusion. It is important to accept what has happened in the past, because only then will the style be able to flourish into the future.

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