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Written by Cal Wong   
Monday, 31 January 2011 12:18

Many people start kung fu, or any other martial art for that matter, with the sole purpose of getting to master level. While this is something that we should all strive to attain, it should not be the motivating factor simply because it can possibly take you 20 years to become a true master of Pak Mei. Of course for those lucky enough to have the natural ability, this can be a much shorter process.

There is a potential trap when we speak of natural ability especially in the western context. Western athletic ability is very different to the type of natural ability in our art. When we say ‘He’s very athletic’ we automatically conjure an image of a 6 foot something jock with bulging muscles and a head that merges seamlessly into the neck! This, in the Chinese kung fu context is what we would associate with an ‘External’ type of athleticism. Pak Mei however is both an internal and external art, where one can only complement the other. Neither can overshadow the other.

Very Mr Miyagi isn’t it?

Being the dynamic art that Pak Mei is, the first year or two will really determine the pace of your learning for the rest of your training. So if you’re just starting out, take your time, get comfortable with your stance and let the chips fall into place.

Happy training!


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