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Established in 1988, when Sifu arrived from Guangzhou, we are a non-commercial, traditional group of kung fu players. New people are currently welcome, our door is open.

Sifu Liang has a core of experienced "older brothers" with 10-25 years experience to help with the training and development of new students - "younger brothers".

We train together once a week, with everyone expected to practice during the week between sessions. The harder you train, the faster you learn, and the more Sifu and the older brothers will help you learn. We train in open air on grass.

A typical session starts with stretching and strengthening exercises. This is followed by people going through their patterns (or sets) of exercises under the Sifu's supervision. As required, individual instruction is given to students, and students of similar skills are grouped together to practice their lessons together.

We also train with vests, focus pads and other accessories to simulate more dynamic interaction against unpredictable and resisting opponents.

Weapons exercises usually complete the training session.

If you would like to become a part of our group, good character, regular attendance, hard training and a commitment to Sifu and your training brothers and sisters are the only requirements. You must also accept liability for any injuries you incur through the rigorous exercise.

How much does it cost?

There are no membership fees at present, as Sifu volunteers his time. We have an opportunity to pay our respects at his birthday, an annual event held in mid February.

Where and When to Train Pak Mei Kung Fu?

See the "How to find us" and "Contact" links for more info.